A Letter from our Founder

A Letter from our Founder

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I never thought I would be a business woman.

I am an elementary school and certified yoga teacher by trade. I started making self care products when my husband and I were involved in bee farming. I saw the piles of beeswax as an opportunity to create a lip balm that would actually work to heal my son’s perpetually chapped lips. When it worked for him better than I could have imagined I went on to formulate more products to help any ailment my family and friends could come up with. My first farmers market business was born in 2011 with all these lovely products.

Two years later my dear friend Marya asked me to create something that would help with her pain and dermatitis she was experiencing during treatments for breast cancer. Marya had been using RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) to treat her pain but hated being high all the time. She wanted to be present during her final days with her kids. I spent a lot of time learning about cannabis for the skin, and as a result of the research I crafted her some oils and lotions. When everything I made her worked we were both shocked. It was there in her bedroom in 2013 that I knew I had to find a way to share this with people in pain. 

The journey to cannabis legalization was nothing short of a voyage of endurance. Building resilience and facilitating personal growth every step of the way. Now ten years later here we are as Blunt Botanicals, making products for people that want to feel better and enjoy life. It is hard to enjoy this one precious life if we are in pain.

Blunt Botanicals is a company that believes at its core it is an honour to serve all life. That we must respect all life and treat it how we like to be treated. We show this in our actions by employing women, to whom we provide a flexible work schedule and pay a living wage. We choose ingredients that are always Eco-Cert, and always free from the nasties. We choose packing that is recyclable or Zero Waste, and have set a goal to be plastic free by 2025. We take these commitments very seriously- it drives what we do. 

I do not think it’s fair that people should be in pain. This part of human design has never made sense to me.

If we want to raise our vibration to love we must BE love. To me, BEING love means helping other people with their burdens. I believe in embodying a feeling of a “let me help you carry that” and “I will sit with you, you aren’t alone in this”. 

If we only get one precious life, we need to find as much pain free joy in it as possible. Living this and sharing this is my purpose, and I feel so lucky. 

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