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Jointment can be added to your daily self-care routine — it's perfect for a variety of uses! Whether you're applying it as a weekend warrior before and after sports and strenuous activities, or to prevent soreness from heels or tight-fitting shoes, or after a massage or physio session (with the therapist's okay), our infused massage butter can be used on most body parts. Please avoid applying it to your nose, eyes, or private areas. It is especially wonderful when massaged into your hands, feet, and neck for soothing, effective relief.

THC 250mg | Total THC 25mg
CBD 50mg | Total CBD 50mg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pain Relief/Muscle Recovery

This product is by far the most effective pain relief lotion I have ever used. It creates a soothing sensation like no other pain relief lotion. I use it consistently after Ju Jitsu and it is very good for muscle recovery. It has a great texture and does not grease up your skin, it melts right into where you apply it very nicely. I have tried plenty of different lotions like Biofreeze, Icy Hot, and Voltaren. Nothing has worked as well for me as Blunt Botanicals.

Tendinitis Relief

OMG. If you have tendonitis, this is what you need. Desperate to get relief I’ve tried a lot of different thing. Voltaren, biofreeze, and many other pain reliving lotions or gels, Japanese peppermint oil, ibuprofen, asprin, prescription muscle relaxants and the pain hardly budged it at all. Finally, it occurred to me to try a cannabis topical. After after applying a few times and massaging it the pain has disappeared. I only have a big of pins and needles sensation left. Hopefully, the ultrasound I’m doing in physio will clear that up.

Megan Benn
Pre and Post Run Relief

The past six months I’ve been training for a half marathon and have been fortunate enough to use Jointment. It’s excellent before and after a run to manage joint aches, muscle fatigue, and general stress in the body.
It helps with my recovery and I always look forward to applying it. The smell and whipped texture of Jointment is satisfying and relaxing.

Pain relief

I have sciatica and sometimes it flares up at night and keeps me awake. It takes some time for anti-inflammatory meds to work, so I thought I would try Jointment. This stuff is magical! I'm shocked at how quickly it works. I love the smell and the fact that it's not super greasy. Thanks for the pain relief!